The Order of the Stick

Further to my list of favourite daily webcomics: I love reading The Order of the Stick, by Rich Burlew. Its’ amazing how expressive stick figures are. This is an good illustration for my argument against HD, the story is far more important than the resolution of the picture.
The current book has just ended, on quite a dramatic note (well nobody ends on a boring note). There are always lots of references to pop culture (the banana muffin shaped hole on the belly of the dragon) as well as actual culture (but what if I don’t want to fight in the shade?) My favourite is the resolution of the old classic ‘there are two paths one guarded by a custodian that always lies and the other by a custodian who always tells the truth’. Turns out if you shoot one of them in the foot, their swearing will enable you to figure it out pretty quickly. 

The kickstarter event back in 2012 was also great fun. With an initial goal of $60,000, the Kickstarter ended on $1.2 MILLION, with new graphs every day or two telling their own story. Turns out that working hard every day for 9 years will bring you overnight success.


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